ICW Pray for Mojo (Review)

On their way to their biggest show of all time, Fear & Loathing IX on 20th November 2016, Insane Championship Wrestling hit the road for one final set of tour dates. Talk: Pro Wrestling was in attendance for ICW Pray For Mojo, hosted at Tramshed in Cardiff, Wales.

Authors note: At a show where the bar is literally about five meters away from the ring, the audience is very much encouraged to enjoy many alcoholic beverages throughout the evening. As a result, this writer may have missed a few bouts or, as is more likely to be the case, misses some actual memories of the night. Do not expect a detailed review!

Davey Blaze
Trent Seven

A great opening match that went into the crowd almost immediately. The sound on some of the chops, which ended with a chop to a steel pillar, was brutal. Trent Seven got the win, and cut a great promo afterwards to build for ICW Fear & Loathing IX. I hope you find yourself that Welsh fire breathing dragon, Trent…

Not a long bout, but it got the crowd buzzing and set the tone for the night. It had the fun factor.


Kay Lee Ray

Nixon Newell

Newell was super over, but given that she’s from the Welsh valleys, that was hardly a surprise! This was my first time seeing her live, after following her career online for a number of years. Funnily enough, I spoke to her through social media a few years ago about doing some promo photos of her, when she was just starting out and I was looking to move into photography. Looked like it was going to happen, but as often happens in life, work got in the way and I was never able to reschedule. So, long story short, it was nice to finally see her in action!

Good match, with some stiff spots. Kay Lee Ray very over as the heel, which added to the match. Crowd were probably more vocal for this match than any other on the card. Didn’t feel like it went overly long, but then I wasn’t counting the minutes (I was too busy drinking beer!). Kay Lee Ray got the win through a sneaky roll up, much to the anger of the crowd.



Chris Renfrew

Sha Samuels

It was announced on Twitter earlier in the day that Grado could not be at the event, meaning his match against Galloway was cancelled. Galloway came out to cut a promo explaining he was just as disappointed as the crowd were, given he’d spent six hours driving to the event! Galloway ripped into the welsh language, and how the road signs read as if someone has just put a bunch of random scrabble pieces together. It was hilarious. Promo ultimately led into:

What a crazy match! A lot of time was spent in the crowd, and both men ended up behind the bar brawling in what was probably the highlight of the night. Security had to move us away from the bar whilst the fight was going on, which was rather frustrating given my drink and jacket were on the bar right in front of Renfrew and Samuels! The soda gun getting sprayed in Samuels’ face was a great moment. Samuels got the win.

Build for ICW Fear & Loathing IX was done very well here, and in Galloway’s promo beforehand.


Joe Hendry & Kenny Williams

Polo Promotions

Hendry’s entrance theme was superb, and I will be forever angry that I missed half his entrance due to being in the toilets! I could hear that wonderful music and just knew I was missing out. The match itself was an entertaining one, with Polo Promotions picking up the win.


Joe Coffey
Joel Redman

Coffey with the win by submission. Looking forward to his match with Kurt Angle at Fear & Loathing IX.


Wolfgang (C)
BT Gunn

Like all the matches on this card, I enjoyed this a lot. Wolfgang is a big guy, legit looks like he could break you in half. He got the win here, which was no surprise given the big PPV coming up.


Stevie Boy
‘MDogg’ Matt Cross

Matt Cross comes off like a genuine superstar, much like a few guys on this show, but he’s got a coolness and calmness to him that just elevates him that little bit more. Kay Lee Ray was out with Stevie Boy, and given her win over Nixon Newell earlier in the evening, they attracted a lot of heat.

Great spot where Stevie Boy pushed the ref, so the ref punched him off his feet. Got a big cheer, and given I watch a lot of WWE, it was damn memorable seeing a referee actually stand up for themselves. Cross ultimately got the win in an entertaining match that the crowd were digging due to all the shenanigans.



The Marauders (Iestyn Rees, Bird & Boar)
Bram, Jack Jester and Lionheart

Main event time, with the three welshman getting the crowd going. Some good spots throughout, including a dive from the top of the turnbuckle out onto the rest of the wrestlers who were in the crowd. Didn’t feel like there was much of a story being told, but it was entertaining, and was a fun match to end the show.


Match of the Night:

Chris Renfrew vs. Sha Samuels

ICW Pray For Mojo:

(the extra star is for a truly superb live event experience)



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