Does Roman Reigns really have ‘the look?’

For maybe two years now, we’ve heard of how Roman Reigns possesses ‘the look’ of the next top guy, the one man who will be pushed as the face of the WWE. The guy that will redefine what other guys look like for the next ten years, much how John Cena did for over a decade himself.

When Reigns hit the main roster, he did so as part of The Shield, a trio containing he, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. They rose to the top very quickly, and since they went their separate ways, all three men have stayed at the top of the card, and each has had at least one world championship run. That is exactly what you want to happen when you break up a top faction, and there’s no question that The Shield was an immense success in an era where stables don’t often mean dollars following a break up.

It was only when the Shield had become singles competitors that you started to hear about ‘the look.’ Reigns was primed for the top spot in the company, we were always told, because he looked like someone who should be in the top spot. Even some of his detractors, of which there are many, will often be mentioning this supposed look. But when you study him, and compare him to others, does he actually have a look that makes him stand out? A look that makes him look like a star?

Unlike everyone else from The Shield, Reigns has not changed his attire since leaving that group. Besides adding his own branding, his gear is all but identical to what he wore when paired with Ambrose and Rollins, and that means we’ve never really had a proper look at his physique beyond his NXT days. It’s not all about the muscle, and certainly I don’t watch wrestling to admire male physiques, but given his heritage, and WWE‘s apparent reluctance to show him shirtless, it does leave me with a feeling that there is a lack of confidence in how his body looks. Does he look in better shape than me? Of course he does, but perhaps he doesn’t look as good as some of the others around him (Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, etc), and WWE are trying to avoid comparisons? Doesn’t help that the last face of the company, John Cena, had extraordinary muscle and strength.

I won’t get locked into a conversation about his face, as whether he is good looking or not is not for me to decide, but I do take issue with one thing: his eyes. That his most stand out feature happens to be coloured contact lenses is laughable really, when this person keeps being described as having ‘the look’. I’m also not convinced he isn’t wearing lifts in his boots, which again would not be a problem if it wasn’t the guy who supposedly has this look of a natural superstar.

As I write this article, it feels anti-Reigns, but that’s not what this is meant to be. I’m actually impartial to him, but completely understand peoples issues with how he was booked straight to the top of the company. My issue is that he has earned his spot based on a look that I’m not convinced he actually has. For all the words written here, I’m still unable to work out what this ‘look’ is.

When Reigns was suspended for a wellness policy violation earlier in 2016, I saw it as an opportunity for him to reboot himself. New music, new gear, and maybe a heel persona (we can wish!) – this was the perfect time to make the changes they should have made the moment The Shield broke up. None of this happened, and unfortunately it has meant that The Shield’s music continues to be associated with boos ahead of any future reunion of the group, and Roman continues to be stuck in his 2013 look with no sign of improvements to come.

The truth is, if Roman Reigns is going to potentially be the face of the WWE for the next ten years, then he cannot spend that entire time looking how he does now. The hair is fine, the coloured contacts are fine, the beard is fine – the ring gear is not fine, and he needs to be wearing something that makes him look like more of a power house rather than a man who has to wear padding on his chest and stomach.

Does Roman Reigns look like the perfect specimen of a man, which is what this ‘look’ alludes to? No, he doesn’t. But with some tweaks, he could make himself look like a top superstar, and someone who you wouldn’t want to mess with. Right now, he is neither of those, regardless of how many championships and main events he has.

I really want to support this guy more, but I can’t whilst I keep hearing and reading these false claims that he has the perfect look for the top guy in the WWE.




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