PROGRESS Wrestling: Bang the Drum (Ch.48) (Review)

After fighting to a no contest in their #1 Contendership match at PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 48, Mark Andrews and Mark Haskins both face PROGRESS Champion Pete Dunne for this championship. Tyler Bate faces Matt Riddle in non-title action.

James Drake
Flash Morgan Webster
SSS16 Qualifying Match
(Winner via pinfall: Flash Morgan Webster)

Session Moth Martina
(Winner via pinfall: Jinny)

James Davis & Rob Lynch (“The London Riots”)
Chuck Mambo & Pastor William Eaver (“Sweet Jesus”)
(Winners via pinfall : Sweet Jesus)

Travis Banks
Trent Seven
(Winner by pinfall: Trent Seven) 

Rockstar Spud
Nathan Cruz
(Winner via pinfall: Nathan Cruz)

Tyler Bate
Matt Riddle
(Winner via disqualification: Matt Riddle)

Pete Dunne (C)
Mark Andrews
Mark Haskins
PROGRESS World Championship
(Winner via pinfall: Pete Dunne)


PROGRESS returned to airwaves (or Manchester, if you were there live) with another great show that started out strong, and continued to get better and better as the night developed. Trent Seven and Travis Banks had a great match that I wish had gone longer, whilst Tyler Bate and Matt Riddle had a superb contest that continues Bate’s superb run in May 2017. After his incredible match at EVOLVE 74 with Kyle O’Reilly, and now this time with Bate, I can confirm that I am starting to enjoy Riddle’s work, finally.

The main event made great use of its Triple Threat format, with all three men often involved in proceedings. We have started to see some great use of the three man/woman stipulation in recent months, and that continued here with some creative uses of having three bodies in the ring at the same time. There were some wonderful submission holds, where the attacker had the two men in the same hole, and I would’ve LOVED to see the match end that way with both men tapping out, but sadly it ended via pinfall. Absolutely great main event though, and the arrival of CCK at the end, following Dunne’s overconfident promo, suggests we are headed toward a British Strong Style vs CCK feud. Bring it on, I say.

As always, PROGRESS looked beautiful on film. The cinematography of this company is glorious, and the best in pro-wrestling. Sadly, some audio issues occurred where the crowd noise seemed to be removed, leading to awkward audio cuts, but it didn’t ruin my enjoyment at all, it was just a minor distraction whenever it occurred.

But god damn, PROGRESS is such great viewing.

Match of the Night

Tyler Bate vs. Matt Riddle

PROGRESS: Chapter 48 Rating


You can watch this entire show at

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