PROGRESS Wrestling: Super Strong Style 16 2017, Day 2 (Ch.49) (Review)

On the second day of Super Strong Style 16, the remaining eight competitors battle for a place in the semi-finals. Jinny, Toni Storm and Laura Di Matteo face off in a to crown the first ever PROGRESS Women’s Champion…

James Davis & Rob Lynch (“The London Riots”)
Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster
(Winners via pinfall: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster)

Mark Haskins
Tyler Bate
SSS16 Qtr Final
(Winner via pinfall: Tyler Bate)

Zack Sabre Jr.
Jack Sexsmith
SSS16 Qtr Final
(Winner via submission: Zack Sabre Jr.)

Jeff Cobb
Matt Riddle
SSS16 Qtr Final
(Winner via pinfall: Matt Riddle)

Travis Banks
SSS16 Qtr Final
(Winner via submission: Travis Banks)

Trent Seven & Pete Dunne (“British Strong Style”)
David Starr & Pastor William Eaver
(Winners via pinfall: Trent Seven & Pete Dunne)

Toni Storm
Laura Di Matteo
3-Way for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship
(Winner via pinfall, and inaugural Women’s Champion: Toni Storm)


Day two of Super Strong Style 16 saw the focus move slightly away from the ongoing tournament, as PROGRESS Wrestling looked to make history in two different ways. Firstly, their women would main event for the first time. Secondly, they would crown the first ever PROGRESS Women’s Champion.

I’ll get to the women in a moment, but the Super Strong Style 16  quarter final matches deserve some attention first. Three very good matches, and a fourth slightly held back by an injury to Jack Sexsmith, although they still managed to make an entertaining match out of that too. Travis Banks and Flamita had a crazy intense match up, and I like what Banks is bringing to the table. Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb had a match that had everyone going crazy on social media after it took place, and it certainly lived up to the hype in the televised version too. Flamita and Cobb were over with fans, so don’t be surprised if we see them again on future Chapter’s. Special shout out to Tyler Bate and Mark Haskins too, who really could have delivered something special if they’d had five more minutes.

My feeling of the London Riots is that they are headed towards a break up, but maybe I’m well off on that one. Another team who seem to be going through a little turmoil are British Strong Style, with Trent Seven seemingly becoming the weak link in that unit. Seven is superb on the mic, and does a great job of being an arsehole who everyone wants to see get punched, and just like on Day #1, he played on that a treat. Dunne had to save his arse a few times, so don’t be surprised to see that be mentioned in the future.

The main event was a historic one for the company, and a match that they’ve been building towards for months. My money had always been on Toni Storm for this one, but mentions on social media of it being difficult to get her available for shows due to her international work, plus the story between Jinny and Laura Di Mattea, made me think there was no way Storm was taking the championship. I was thankfully wrong, and PROGRESS chose their most marketable female wrestler to carry their division for the foreseeable future. Storm has such a good look, and is a great babyface who the fans are well behind.

I had leant towards awarding Riddle and Cobb the “match of the night,” but for everything that the main event achieved, and those two spots that saw both Jinny and Storm wipe themselves out through the chairs in the audience, I gave the honour to the women’s championship match. The occasion never got too much for any of them, and the finish was well worked and made Storm look strong in victory. Those scenes when she won will have created some iconic images for PROGRESS Wrestling to use in the future.

As far as middle shows go, this was a strong one, and the good matches were very good. It was a strong followup to Day #1, and set the stage very nicely for the final part in 2017’s Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Match of the Night

Jinny vs. Toni Storm vs. Laura Di Matteo



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