WWE 205 Live #31 (Review)

After embarrassingly failing to back up his trash talk against Mustafa Ali one week ago, Drew Gulak looks to finally prove that 205 Live should be a No Fly Zone in his rematch against Ali. WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, addresses his upcoming championship match against Akira Tozawa.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher
The Brian Kendrick
(Winner via disqualification: Jack Gallagher)

Mustafa Ali
Drew Gulak
(Winner via pinfall: Mustafa Ali)

Cedric Alexander
Ariya Daivari
(Winner via pinfall: Ariya Daivari)


The show opened with a very strong video package for the new Neville/Tozawa feud, which has picked up momentum in previous weeks, coming off the back of Tozawa being paired up with manager Titus O’Neill. Every wrestling show should start with a dramatic video package, as they don’t half get the ol’ adrenaline going. That applies to indie shows too!

The opening match was an interesting one. I scored it at 2.5, with the extra 0.5 being for Kendrick’s promo beforehand, and the beatdown after the bell was rung to end the match. 2.0 would suggest a poor match, but it certainly wasn’t that, it was just a short affair clearly designed to start up a feud between Gallagher and Kendrick. When these guys get a chance to go the distance, particularly with the heat in the feud following Kendrick’s vicious attack with the umbrellas, I think we’ll get a damn good match. Or matches, knowing how WWE book their shows these days.

On that subject, we got round two of Mustafa Ali versus Drew Gulak this week. Ali winning last week made a little bit of sense, given Gulak had been trashing him for weeks, but I was shocked that he picked up a second consecutive win against him. Personally, my feeling is that Gulak should have tied the series here, but I did like the finish where Gulak breaking his own rules to fly high bit him in the arse. That Gulak chose to break that rule so early in the feud made zero sense though, given everything he’s said in the run up to these matches. Decent matches though, and Gulak is doing well with his gimmick. That guy can go though, and if WWE let the chains off him, he’ll start putting on some of the best matches on their weekly programming.

205 Live has a reputation for putting on great main events. We didn’t see that here, as the final match wasn’t a true main event given Neville actually closed the show with a promo, but Alexander and Daivari put on a decent match that showcased Daivari’s aggressive style, and gave Noam Dar a chance to supposedly end his feud with Alexander. Believe that when I see it, as I imagine there is still a blow off match to come between those two.

Neville’s promo was good fun, and he’s so great as a heel champion, to the point where you just don’t want to see him lose the belt. They’ve resisted the urge to move the strap from him onto other hot babyfaces thus far, and I somewhat hope they do the same in his upcoming match with Tozawa, but there’s no question that Tozawa’s star is starting to shine bright and with O’Neill as his mouthpiece now, he really could be a strong babyface champion for the brand. His showdown with Neville at the end of this segment made this feel like a main event feud, and I honestly hope we start seeing 205 Live special events on WWE Network, as some of the storylines deserve proper PPV treatment, not afterthoughts on RAW PPV’s.

Decent show, but lacked that one killer match that would’ve made this a must see show for the week.

Match of the Night

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak



You can view this show on WWE Network

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