PROGRESS Wrestling: I Give It Six Months (Ch.50) (Review)

Toni Storm defends her PROGRESS Women’s Championship for the first time, whilst British Strong Style members Tyler Bate and Trent Seven put their PROGRESS Tag Team Championship on the line against CCK, a team they have battled with in many promotions but never PROGRESS

Toni Storm (C)
Kay Lee Ray
PROGRESS Women’s Championship
(Winner via pinfall: Toni Storm)

Rob Lynch & James Davis (“The London Riots”)
Dave Mastiff & El Ligero (“Banter Edition”)
(Winner via pinfall: The London Riots)

Jack Sexsmith
Flash Morgan Webster
(Winner via disqualification: Flash Morgan Webster)

Pete Dunne
Donovan Dijak
(Winner via pinfall: Pete Dunne)

Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins
Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson (“The Origin”)
(Winner via pinfall: Havoc & Haskins)

Travis Banks
James Drake
(Winner via pinfall: Travis Banks)

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate (“British Strong Style”) (C)
Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos (“CCK”)
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship

(Winner, and new champions: CCK)


PROGRESS Wrestling‘s milestone 50th chapter gave us one of the finest tag team matches of 2017, and an opening match that threatened to steal the show before it had even hit the thirty minute mark.

Said opening match was Toni Storm’s first defence of her PROGRESS Women’s Championship, which she won at PROGRESS Wrestling: Chapter 49, Day 2The match didn’t put a foot wrong, and enhanced both women. Storm has one of the best looks in the business, and she can go in the ring, so she’s a damn good champion for the company, Had this match had another 10 minutes, it could’ve easily been a main event-calibre match.

The matches in between the first and last were decent affairs. Some were better than others, but they came together to deliver a solid undercard for the main event. Banter Edition versus the London Riots got a little bit too silly for me at times, but the intention was innocent enough, and I did laugh a fair bit during it. I guess I just wasn’t quite ready to view that kind of comedy right after the superb Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray match.

I loved Pete Dunne interrupting Jim Smallman’s opening segment. Given I was born and raised on WWE‘s brand of sports entertainment, I’m a sucker for big promos to open shows, and would love to see it happen more regularly in PROGRESS, as it worked a treat here.

The main event was superb, with all four men putting on incredible performances. Special shout out should go to Tyler Bate though, who brought an intensity that I’ve never seen from him before. There were some brutal spots at ringside, some nasty action on the stage, and at one point Trent Seven was walking around with literally a full imprint of a steel chair on his back. Best yet, this was all before the bell had even been rung to start the match!

When we finally got into the ring, there was about 10 minutes of official title match action, worked at a pace that was simply electric. The moves being pulled off were breathtaking, and Bate in particular came off like a machine. If this was the start of a change in the presentation of Bate, then I’m all for it, as there’s no question that this Tyler Bate would be the guy to make the champion of your company. He was genuinely superb here, but my praise for Bate shouldn’t overshadow the praise all the other competitors should get. They all knew they were in the main event of an historic show, and they had no intention of dropping the ball when it was given to them.

Given the recent hints toward a breakup of British Strong Style, it made sense for them to drop their championship here, but I won’t lie and claim I’m not disappointed to see BSS without the tag team championship. CCK now being in possession of the gold opens up all sorts of possibilities, but I certainly wouldn’t expect their run with BSS to be over until at least after the Alexandra Palace show in September.

All in all, an entertaining watch from start to end, with an opening match and main event that rank up there with some of the best matches I’ve seen in 2017. Once again, the show looked stunning, and the camera work in PROGRESS really does put others to shame.

Match of the Night

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate vs. Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos



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