SPOTLIGHT: Toni Storm (Match Reviews)

Full ratings and reviews for a selection of Toni Storm’s matches in Stardom throughout the first half of 2017…

Toni Storm (C)
SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship
Stardom Kyoto Stars, 4th February 2017
(Winner via pinfall: Toni Storm)

A somewhat slow match, that felt just that little slower due to a typically quiet Japanese crowd. Whilst there were some hints at a “David versus Goliath”-type of match, Storm never seemed completely overpowered by her much larger opponent, and the match itself seemed to lack somewhat in the area of match psychology. To be fair, the camera editing didn’t help to make the audience engage with this one, and I suspect that was probably far better in person than via an internet stream. All of that said, there were some lovely big bumps in this match, and some very exciting sequences.

Toni Storm
Stardom, 18th February 2017
(Winner via pinfall: Toni Storm)

Not incredibly long, but there was some strong-style action that suggested both these athletes could do a whole lot more with each other in a longer match. Not a show stealer by any means, but it fitted into its spot on the card nicely. I wish they’d pushed it a little harder, and really given each other a bit of a beating, but it was okay viewing irregardless.

Io Shirai (C)
Toni Storm
World of Stardom Championship
Stardom Gold, 14th May 2017
(Time limit draw, Io Shirai retains)

A nice match that had a really aggressive opening, with the first half of the contest played out at ringside. Some big bumps were taken by both women, with Storm coming out on top as the match neared its conclusion. The babyface comeback from Io Shirai was enough to keep her in the fight, but I liked that she didn’t get the win, instead just being able to get a draw. Shirai’s high-flying move set is so slick and effortless, she’s a joy to watch. Toni Storm played a great heel here, not doing anything over the top, but instead letting her aggressive ring style position her as the dastardly villain of the piece. Whilst I liked the use of a draw here, I would have loved an extra five minutes here. Scraped a 4.0 from me, but had just done enough to ensure it couldn’t be considered a 3.5 match.


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