PROGRESS Wrestling: Screaming for PROGRESS (Ch.51) (Review)

After losing their PROGRESS Tag Team Championship to CCK at I Give It Six Months, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate seek revenge when they team up with fellow British Strong Style faction member Pete Dunne to face all of CCK…

Mark Haskins
Mike Bird
(Winner via submission: Mark Haskins)

Kyle Ashmore
Eddie Dennis
(Winner via pinfall: Eddie Dennis)

Jimmy Havoc
(Winner via pinfall: Jimmy Havoc)

Rob Lynch & James Davis (“The London Riots”)
Raymond Rowe & Hanson (“War Machine”)
Tornado Tag Match
(Winners via pinfall: War Machine)

Matt Riddle (C)
PROGRESS Atlas Championship
(Winner via submission, and new champion: Walter)

Flash Morgan Webster
Damian Dunne
(Winner via pinfall: Damian Dunne)

Travis Banks, Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos (C) (“CCK”)
Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate (“British Strong Style”)
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
(Winners via pinfall, making Seven and Bate new champions: British Strong Style)


No one could question the commitment of PROGRESS Wrestling to its fans. Performing in no less than six different cities this summer, across three countries (and a few oceans!), the company is in the middle of a massive series of shows that will play a significant role in cementing it’s reputation as one of the best professional wrestling companies on the planet right now. Perhaps even the best.

Screaming for PROGRESS marked PROGRESS‘s return to Birmingham, England. The crowd were hot for this, having been starved of any live PROGRESS action for a number of months, and they did a good job of elevating each match put before them. What they got was a consistently good series of matches, with some great ones thrown into the mix too. London Riots versus War Machine was the best of the bunch, but British Strong Style versus CCK was a close second.

I’d heard a lot of hype about the Riddle/Walter match, but I personally wasn’t as into it as others clearly were. It was a good battle, and the chops were stiff as hell, but the match lacked a little meaning for me. Big men fighting is absolutely fine, but beyond some nice plays on a supposed injured ankle of Riddle’s, it felt like it was just strong move after strong move. Not bad at all, but not as good as I know Riddle can do with a similar match setup. The title changed hands surprisingly, which raises lots of questions about PROGRESS‘s plans for Walter, but also Matt Riddle. With the former UFC fighter now free of the PROGRESS Atlas Championship, will he start making eyes for the PROGRESS World Championship?

It’s unfortunate that the entire show suffered from issues in how the sound was recorded, as it seemed as though Trent Seven was cutting a great promo ahead of the main event. I guess only the live audience will ever know just how good this was, but given it was coming from the leader of the Trent Seven Army, one can assume it was likely gold. Whatever he said, he managed to persuade CCK to put their brand new PROGRESS Tag Team Championship on the line. That decision would soon be one the new champions would regret, as British Strong Style picked up the win that ensured the belts went back around the waists of Seven and Tyler Bate. Whilst the switch has come quite quickly after CCK’s win, I think it made it even more unexpected, and in todays world of professional wrestling, that’s no easy achievement. As a BSS fan, I was happy anyway, and it doesn’t take away from that fine moment at the end of I Give It Six Months, when Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos initially won the championship.

All in all, this was a good show, and a nice stop on the Road to Ally Pally (Chapter 55: Chase the Sun). Storylines are progressing nicely, and there’s some little hints in the bottom of the card that suggest some other big feuds might be developing too.

Just a shame about the sound, really.

Match of the Night

The London Riots vs. War Machine



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