Mae Young Classic: 2nd Round, Part 2 (Review)

The second round of the Mae Young Classic concludes, as former UFC fighter Shayna Baszler faces off against Mia Yim, whilst Toni Storm takes battles a former US military officer in Lacey Evans. Read on for our full review…

Toni Storm
Lacey Evans
(Winner by pinfall: Toni Storm)

Mia Yim
Shayna Baszler
(Winner by submission: Shayna Baszler)

Dakota Kai
Rhea Ripley
(Winner by pinfall: Dakota Kai)

Nicole Savoy
Candice LeRae
(Winner by pinfall: Candice LeRae)


The final set of matches from the Mae Young Classic second round were consistently good, without hitting the heights of some of those seen in the first half of the round (see our review of Mae Young Classic: 2nd Round, Part 1). Whilst all the women put on decent showings, only Mia Yim and Shayna Baszler really stood out from the pack, with the latter making up for her lacklustre matchup in the first round.

The Baszler/Yim match was actually the one I was most excited about, going into this show. It was the first time Baszler had really had to work in the tournament, and she did so very well, and Yim looked a legitimate threat. With WWE‘s four horsewomen at ringside though, and Baszler’s own friends the side of the ramp (Ronda Rousey, for one), there was never any way that Baszler was going to lose. If Baszler wins this whole thing as an attempt to begin an angle between both sets of superstars ahead of Wrestlemania 34, I’ll be very disappointed, but I can’t see any scenario where she wins the tournament in anything other than a big PR move by WWE.

Some of the other matches on the card suffered from being on a one hour episode, as I felt that with more time, matches such as Toni Storm and Lacey Evans’ could’ve really built toward something. But it wasn’t to be, and what we got was entertaining enough,

As with the previous episode, the commentary team clicked much better her. Lita still stumbles over her words if she has to speak for a long periods, and Jim Ross seemingly sometimes forgets his audience and squeezes in humour that doesn’t feel right in the moment, but they are both trying to elevate the competitors and not once did they go into business for themselves, so that’s good. I swear though, nothing screams “We taped parts of this all at different times,” like cutting away to the so-called Control Centre – hate those segments.

Quarter Finals are next, and there are some very tasty matches starting to come together. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one eye on the potential semi-final matches we are building toward though.

Match of the Night

Shayna Baszler vs. Mia Yim


You can watch the Mae Young Classic at, or via the WWE Network app.

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