Lucha Forever: SomethingMania (Eye-Witness Review)

Lucha Forever returns to Cardiff, as Mark Haskins defends his Lucha Forever Championship against former champion Travis Banks…

Kip Sabian
Bea Priestley
(Winner by pinfall: Kip Sabian)

Drew Parker
El Ligero
(Winner by pinfall: El Ligero)

Dahlia Black
Alex Windsor
(Winner by pinfall: Dahlia Black)

Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis (“FSU”)
Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher (“Aussie Open”)
(Winners by pinfall: FSU)

Chief Deputy Dunne
Jack Sexsmith
(Winner by pinfall: Chief Deputy Dunne)

Chris Brookes, Jim Obstruction & Elijah
Rickey Shane Page, Lloyd Katt & Splits McPins
(Winners by pinfall: Brookes, Obstruction & Elijah)

Mark Haskins (C)
Travis Banks
No DQ Match for the Lucha Forever Championship
(Winner by submission: Mark Haskins)


SomethingMania was a good wrestling show, with a card that underwent its fair amount of changes in the days leading up to the event, but still delivered when the time came.

This was my first Lucha Forever show, and their second in Cardiff. My understanding is that their first show was something of a disaster, to the point that they were worried about running a second show, but the response to SomethingMania should ensure that there are no ill feelings remaining against the company. From start to finish, this show was great entertainment, and that’s all that really matters.

I’m not the worlds greatest fan of intergender wrestling. I’m not against it, I’m just not insanely in favour of it either. That said, Bea Priestley and Kip Sabian opened the show with one of the best matches of the night. Both the in-ring action, and Sabian’s running commentary, were highlights on what was a strong show, and there were some big hits here that really got things off to a good start.

There wasn’t a bad match on this card, not on paper and certainly not in the ring. Every match entertained from start to finish, and any match ratings ultimately depend entirely on the reviewers taste in wrestling. I would say that most would choose FSU/Aussie Rules as their match of the night, but filling out the remaining spots in a Top 3 would likely garner different results from many fans in attendance.

On the subject of FSU, a lot has been made of how Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis will continue on the indies, given the PROGRESS angle that ran recently (Chase the Sun), which saw Dennis turn on his partner. That was acknowledged post-match here, with Dennis confirming that this was the final match for FSU, as they go off on singles runs across the country/world. One would expect Dennis and Andrews will play out their PROGRESS feud across many promotions, whilst it was fitting that their final match as a tag team came in their home country of Wales.

The main event was a very good title match, which I’m sure will play out even better on Lucha Forever‘s streaming service. For a crowd that wore a lot of indie wrestling merch, there certainly seemed to be a lack of familiarity with the talent on this show, but that all ceased once Travis Banks showed up. Your typical Banks chants started up, and the crowd was hot for his battle with reigning champion Mark Haskins.

Whilst the match was no disqualification, I liked that they didn’t resort to using lots of props. For the most part, they only really utilised chairs as weapons, and it made for a much stronger match as a result. There were some good moments, but this never became a spotfest, and always maintained its credibility as a simple brawl between champion and challenger. The win for Haskins came out of nowhere, with seemingly everyone missing Banks tap out (including yours truly), but it didn’t diminish the work both men did, and it was a wonderful way to close the show.

There is a lot of wrestling to watch currently, and there’s a lot of wrestling in Cardiff currently too, with other companies still to run the city before the year is out. What I would say is that if you have an opportunity to get to a Lucha Forever show, then take it, and you won’t regret it. The venue was great (although two urinals and two cubicles wasn’t ideal for a mostly male audience!), beer was cheap, and the Lucha Forever setup looking legit.

A solid show that was very funny at times, and featured quality wrestling throughout.

Match of the Night

Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis vs. Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis



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