How to watch Riptide Wrestling: Blackwater for FREE this Christmas

One of 2017’s newest UK wrestling promotions, Riptide Wrestling, have announced that they will be releasing their latest show for free on Christmas Day. There’s only one catch: you either watch it at 9pm GMT on their Facebook or Twitch pages, or you pay full price for it afterwards. Quite the dilemma!

Click here to watch the promo video for Riptide Wrestling: Blackwater

There’s been some huge buzz for Riptide these past 2-3 months, and we at have gone on record with our own very positive thoughts about the company. There’s a strong case for declaring Riptide the best-looking wrestling promotion on the planet right now (as far as cinematography of their VOD offerings), and it was that which roped us in to purchasing their second show, Riptide Returns (the first they made available online). It’s safe to say that many people have gone to physically see their live shows based purely on what they’ve seen online, be it full shows, or gif’s that were masterfully released by the company.

Content-wise, the promotion has been a bit of a mixed bag. It revels in its silliness, and that can either be a turn on or a turn off, depending on your wrestling taste. Storylines have been far and few between thus far, but it’s early days, and there has been significant storyline progression in the Jack Sexsmith and Spike Trivet feud. The development between those two performers leaves us concluding that things are going to get very interesting when Riptide starts running several angles at once in the future.

With more shows to come, a soon to debut championship belt, and some cracking roster announcements in the bag, 2018 promises to really be a breakout year for this new promotion. With the promise of a monthly subscription fee to come too, rather than a per-show purchase, there’s no question that Riptide Wrestling are going to get very big next year, and very quickly.

The only downside to their great idea to give away a show for free, is that it’s at a bloody awkward time! Speaking only for myself, I am with family all Christmas Day, and it is remarkably unlikely that I will be able to slip away for two hours at 9pm GMT. Of course, its possible that people will have drunk themselves into Bailey’s or wine fuelled comas by then, so the possibility of my watching the show does exist, just with very poor odds.

For some, this promotion by the company will be one that they will be able to take full advantage of, and I absolutely recommend anyone who can watch this does. I can’t speak to the quality of Blackwater‘s show content, as I wasn’t there, but the card looked strong and they’ve yet to disappoint with their VOD content. Even if you’re just curious as to how the show is able to maintain its choreography across two hours, it’s worth checking in at 9pm. I’d be genuinely surprised if anyone who watches this doesn’t end up purchasing previous shows, and I dare say that Riptide themselves are banking on such a thing to happen.

This particular wrestling fan will be paying to watch this show some time in the immediate future, but for those of you interested in watching their live stream, details are as follows:

Air time: 9pm GMT / 4pm EST / 1pm PST
Streaming via or


Click here to visit Riptide Wrestling’s Video On Demand library

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