WWE Wrestlemania 14 (Review)

At the biggest show of the year, Stone Cold Steve Austin battles reigning WWE Champion Shawn Michaels in the main event, as he looks to win his first world title. With Mike Tyson at ringside, and seemingly in cahoots with D-Generation X, the odds of a victory are not in Austin’s favour. Kane battles his brother, The Undertaker, whilst The Rock and Ken Shamrock fight over the Intercontinental Champion one more time… Continue reading “WWE Wrestlemania 14 (Review)”


WWE No Way Out 1998 (Review)

Is the Undertaker gone forever? That’s certainly what Kane and Paul Bearer would have everyone believe, following the events of WWE Royal Rumble 1998. As Kane takes aim at his next target, Vader, eight men do battle in an unsanctioned four-on-four tag team war. It’s the last stop before Wrestlemania

Continue reading “WWE No Way Out 1998 (Review)”

WWE Royal Rumble 1998 (Review)

30 men go to war in the annual Royal Rumble event, the last man standing receiving a WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania 14. Stone Cold Steve Austin believes he’ll be that last man, but with so many wrestlers gunning for him before the match even starts, will he even be in a position to take part? Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker renew their rivalry, as they battle for the world championship in a Casket Match. Continue reading “WWE Royal Rumble 1998 (Review)”

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